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EN125 works

EN125 works

Dear Editor,

I read with interest that a new association is opposing the introduction of tolls on the A22. In Paulo Silvestre’s editorial, he makes mention that the EN125 is “currently undergoing redevelopment works to improve its condition”.  Oh yes, and where would that be exactly?  I know that the EN125 is a long stretch of road and I don’t ever travel the full length, but have you seen the state of the road surface from Algarve Shopping at Guia through to Odiáxere?

It should be incumbent on you, as a newspaper, to find out how much of the improvement plan has been completed and when we can expect to see more activity. We have to hope that there are serious plans to make good much of the EN125 before June and the influx of visitors we are praying for.

As always, thank you for a very good read.

Jean Brand


Editor’s note: Dear Jean, thank you for your comments. The Algarve Resident tried to get a response from the national roads authority Estradas de Portugal about the EN125 works but it proved more difficult than we thought . . .