EN125 roundabout: five-year saga

Dear Editor,

I am writing because of my frustration built up over five years, as that is the length of time it has taken so far to construct a roundabout on the EN125 (Vale de Boi, Budens).

It looks as if the final stages of construction are here at last. Unfortunately bad signage or lack of same has already claimed one life and it will not be the last. The construction has resulted in a very large hole at least 10 metres deep directly to the side of the east bound approach to the roundabout. Prior to the construction there was no such hole.

At some stage barriers will have to be built to protect traffic from driving into the hole. The hole itself has two large exit pipes, which, I presume, are designed to take water away. The higher of the two pipes has been laid so that it slopes away from the hole. So no out-flow from there as it is two meters above the bottom of the hole.

The hole will now collect rubbish, water and many other pieces of litter which, of course, will not be cleared away.

At the entrance into the roundabout approaching from Budens, a bus pull-in has been constructed into which the bus will not fit so blocking the road. The actual entrance to the roundabout is too narrow and the curb stones will be destroyed by passing lorries.

The progress of the project is in the hands of one man and his trowel doing something to the pavements. Finally, the road surface has to be laid and the correct signage placed to inform motorists to reduce speed and hopefully avoid any more accidents. How long will it take to complete? Maybe another five years.

Who is paying for this total mismanagement of time, materials (and that’s another story) and manpower?