EN125 roadworks “in danger” as state accused of “not paying contractors”

A new controversy has erupted over the Algarve’s protracted EN125 road renovations, which were supposed to have started on September 1 after a two-month summer break to no avail.

The government is being accused of “not paying the concession company in charge of the work, Rotas do Algarve Litoral (RAL), which in turn has not paid its subcontractors”.

The issue has been raised by PSD MP for the Algarve, Cristóvão Norte as well as regional association AlgFuturo.

“The minister (of Infrastructure, Pedro Marques) said the work would begin again at the end of summer, but the information I have from RAL and its subcontractors, is that there is no set date for the work to restart,” Norte told Lusa news agency.

He pointed out that the government had pledged that renovations would be completed by March 2017 – a time limit which may now be jeopardised.

Norte has since quizzed the minister on “how much money the government owes RAL, when the work will begin again, why the concession isn’t being paid and if the government considers the renovations an essential project?”

He suggested that “what the government seems to be doing is controlling its deficit by freezing all public investment planned for 2016”.