‘EN125 renovation work should be a priority,’ says tourism chief

Although the government has left the EN125 road renovation work off the list of priority investments in the Algarve, the region’s tourism boss has stressed that the road is in “urgent need” of improvement and its renovation should go ahead regardless.
Desidério Silva stressed that “the renovation of the EN125 should have been completed by now” as it would “reduce the number of accidents and improve mobility in the region, as well as benefit the Algarve’s image as Portugal’s main tourist destination”. Thus, it should be considered a “priority”.
His statement was prompted by the government’s announcement of 59 “national priority investments”, which includes the construction of a strategic rail link connecting Faro airport to the rest of the Algarve, as well as improvements to the region’s railway network and the Portimão and Faro ports (see story on opposite page).
The Algarve tourism boss did acknowledge the importance of these investments, deeming them “essential to tourism and regional economy”.
But, in his opinion, the renovation of the EN125 has always been one of his “top priorities”.
It was even highlighted in May 2013 in a number of proposals that Silva believed would make the Algarve a more “sustainable region”.