EN125 “eat your heart out”

Dear Editor,

Living in the Algarve and reading your newspaper, my wife and I are used to all the EN125 horror stories, and really believed that this was the worst highway that Portugal has to offer.

Imagine our surprise (and horror) when we found a major road (and alternative to the paid motorway) in a much worse state. In fact, it is in such a dreadful condition that you can hardly believe you are in Portugal.

I am talking about the IC1. It is so bad at some points that there are hoardings on all the telegraph poles saying “Road of Blood and Death”.

Such a terrible advertisement for tourists, if they ever choose this road (which seems to be littered with camper vans).

My point is that all the Algarve ‘complaints’ about our very own road of death should really be put into perspective.

Believe me, after a trip from Grândola to Alcácer do Sal on the IC1, the EN125 is a picnic!

Happy Christmas.
Joe Taylor