EN125 diversions in summer?

Dear editor,

I can’t believe the government was really planning to cut traffic on a section of the EN125 during the summer… What were they thinking?

Isn’t it bad enough that they’ve caused traffic pandemonium since last October for all of us who live here? Do they want to get holidaymakers in on the ‘fun’ as well?

I honestly gasp sometimes at the utter incompetence of Portugal’s decision-makers, especially when it comes to the Algarve, which is treated like a whole different country by the people in power in Lisbon.

Just imagine having a large section of the EN125 closed off when the Algarve is expected to receive five million tourists… If it’s bad enough with just us residents, then imagine with all these extra people!

It just goes to show that the people calling the shots have no idea about what actually goes on here.

Simon Williams