EN125: Accidents waiting to happen

Dear Editor,

I have been visiting the Algarve for over 20 years and have seen many changes. I would like however to add some criticisms of the said improvements to the EN125.

My main concern is the kerb/high central reservations between the Espiche roundabout and the Luz lights, and the shorter one between Luz roundabout and Boavista. These are invisible at night and in the rain. If they were just painted with luminous yellow paint it would be an improvement. Other hazards include the pavements, which have been constructed by the roundabouts for pedestrians and bus stops. The one at Almádena is already obscured by weeds. Can the Câmara not afford weed killer?

With regard to the roundabouts, why put some in that go nowhere? Why not finish the ones which were completed and make safe the hazardous steep drops which are waiting for accidents to happen? Why not build the much-needed roundabouts at Alma Verde and Espiche/Luz?

The money could have been spent in a more productive way instead of wasting it on white elephants!

Helen Rorison, by email