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Emotions are running high

Emotions are running very high today, Mother’s Day in Portugal, as the whereabouts of Madeleine remains unknown.

Gerry and Kate McCann attended Mass at the local Roman Catholic Church.  Children were given flowers to present to their mothers; the mothers then laid their flowers on the altar for Mary, the mother of Christ.  One young Poruguese girl gave her flowers to Kate, Madeleine’s mother. Prayers have been offered in many churches throughout the UK and Portugal.

Whilst Kate made her first statement to the press, thanking the local community in particular for their support, this was obviously the most emotional day of the McCann’s ordeal so far.

As time goes by speculation continues that Maddy may have been taken from Portugal either by train or by boat.  But activity by the police continues at a pace, with tracker dogs being used again to try and find a trail that may lead to further clues as to the whereabouts of Madeleine.

No-one can imagine the turmoil of thought and emotion going through the mind of the McCann family as they struggle to act as normally as possible with their other two children.

Updated 14.07, May 6, 2007