wildfires in Portugal
Organisers behind this appeal are Jason Horton, his partner Isabel, Johanna Uddh and Nadine Jacinto Rodrigues

Emergency fund created for Odemira wildfire victims

Primary motive: “to assist those who have lost the most, have the least”

With no support coming through yet from State authorities, an emergency fund has been created online to help those who have lost the most, and have the least.

The fund has been up for a little more than 24-hours at this point, and has already amassed over €12,000 euros.

Explain the people behind it, the mission is to “help those who have been directly impacted by the wildfires”.

The gofundme page outlines “direct aid for uninsured fire victims: your contribution will directly provide shelter, food, clothing and essential supplies for those who have lost everything” – and there have been many of these people whose stories will never reach the media, as they were living ‘off grid’ in ‘illegally constructed’ dwellings that, for obvious reasons, could never be insured.

For these people – many of whom work locally, providing services – funds collected will go towards ‘restoring vital infrastructure, like solar and water systems, machinery/ equipment’.

“Your donation will help them regain their self-sufficiency and rebuild”, says the text.

Communities in mind are those living around Odeceixe, São Miguel, Val d’Alho, Val Juncal, Val d Água, Zambujeira do Baixo, Galé de Cima and Reguengos.

Organisers are in the process of setting up an application process for fire victims to lodge requests for help. “We will do our very best to maintain full transparency and ensure funds are distributed where they are needed the most. All funds will be sent to a shared-custody bank account.

Every donation, no matter how big or small, will have a profound impact on the lives of those affected. By contributing to this emergency relief effort, you are not just donating money; you are providing new hope to our friends and neighbours”, they conclude.

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