Embracing the rise of ‘impact travel’ in the Algarve

Embracing the rise of ‘impact travel’ in the Algarve

We are seeing so many trends in travel right now. Post pandemic, tourists are embracing travel in new and exciting ways.

It’s all about exploration, recharging and being with loved ones. However, there is one approach the SandyBlue team has anticipated for quite some time.

What has now been labelled ‘impact travel’, it’s all about tourists wanting their holiday to mean something. Not only should there be a sustainable approach in their travels, they want to be able to give back to the community they are visiting. In fact, a report on impact travel by Kind Travel shows 96% of respondents said giving back was important to them.

Here in the Algarve, there are so many ways tourists can achieve travel that really makes an impact. For those who own properties in the Algarve, it’s a fantastic trend because it means you can strive to make a difference while attracting a wider pool of guests.

Sustainable accommodation

One of the main characteristics within impact travel is finding sustainable accommodation. This involves choosing accommodation that helps the local community, supports local culture, and has little environmental impact.

More hotels and villa rental specialists are adopting an eco-friendly approach, which awards a certification in Portugal. SandyBlue were awarded a silver certificate by Green Tourism for our own efforts to reduce waste and help local wildlife. We also strive to help our owner partners do the same, which will help them stand out as more guests value sustainability. Suggesting small changes that make a huge difference environmentally will also have an impact on rental income.

Local partnerships that encourage support

The Algarve did not have it easy throughout the pandemic – of course, not many places did. As we look toward a more positive summer, the community spirit is still alive and well. Within impact travel, tourists want to be a part of this support. They will definitely be attracted to companies who are leading the way in bringing the Algarve together.

During the pandemic, SandyBlue worked tirelessly to reach out to various businesses to see how we could work together. It was our own way of giving back and allowing our owner partners to get involved. Guests have responded positively to this. From inviting chefs in the area to cook privately for guests to promoting local produce, these are increasingly becoming more attractive to guests. Furthermore, locally sourced produce once again lessens the environmental impact, so our team is always sure to introduce our owner partners to the very best of the Algarve.

Making a positive impact in the Algarve

Here in the Algarve, there will continue to be a supportive presence and community spirit. Tourists will be drawn to this and to properties that are part of a positive movement towards a brighter future.

By Joe Mountain
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Joe Mountain is founder of Algarve villa rental specialists SandyBlue.
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