Embracing the power of feedback for your villa

Embracing the power of feedback for your villa

2022 will be the year for really meeting guest expectations. Furthermore, with travel fully back on the map, guests will be searching high and low for the perfect getaway. So, by meeting the expectations of guests, you will, in turn, attract new tourists.

How? By embracing the importance of feedback from your guests! At SandyBlue, we understand how important it is to be attentive to guests’ needs. It allows villa owners to create a villa experience people will want to talk about and return to.

Why feedback is more important than ever

As mentioned, tourists are doing a lot of research now. The Covid-19 impact on travel has definitely changed the way people do this. They will want to see the process, from booking to check in, will be seamless.

They will then look at reviews and feedback from previous guests. The more positive reviews there are, the better. It means they will get a bigger picture of what to expect from your villa. It also opens your eyes as an owner to ways you can improve your rental offering. Ultimately, this attentiveness will allow you to stand out from other properties.

A thorough guest review campaign

Every business knows that gathering customer feedback isn’t always an easy task. Customers may have every intention to leave a review, but sometimes time is too scarce.

This is especially true in travel, when tourists return home to adjust back to normal life. At SandyBlue, pushing for thorough feedback has become a prominent part of our villa rental marketing strategy.

Thanks to our guest experience team and marketing team, we were able to devise a fantastic reviews campaign, which has led to a bigger influx of guest reviews in the last 18 months. As soon as a review is received, you should be sharing it far and wide. Utilising all marketing channels for this really lets potential guests see what you are offering.

Furthermore, checking in with guests when they have returned home means the customer experience continues. This is a guaranteed way to build a pool of returning guests.

Our existing owners have really seen how this process benefits them. Hearing how many people enjoyed their property is really motivating and empowering. When they do receive constructive feedback, they are spurred on to constantly improve and it gives lots of food for thought.

The Algarve is the place to be

Having seen unprecedented bookings for 2022, the Algarve is going to be welcoming lots of new and familiar faces this year. We can’t wait to hear what they have to say about their experience and use this to help our owner partners flourish.

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