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Embracing the olive tree in Algarve

Jean Claude Defrance, the founder of Natura Garden Centres, is passionate about olive trees and has been on a mission over the past 10 years to preserve this icon of Portuguese nature.

He and his team work to save trees that are going to be felled to create firewood and instead carefully transport them to his nurseries where they are preserved and become ready for sale.

“This is the only country in Europe that uses olive trees for firewood and we try to save these ancient trees from being destroyed by getting to them first,” said Jean Claude Defrance.

He added: “We carefully extract them to keep them in the correct shape and then move them where they are kept for two years before becoming available for sale.”

Portuguese olive trees differ from those found in other countries such as France or Italy because of their shape. “Olive trees are not only part of the traditional landscape, they are also a vital part of the natural ecosystem providing food and habitation for indigenous wildlife,” said Jean Claude Defrance.

He added: “An olive tree can be bought from us for as little as €65 plus the delivery cost.”

For further information about the olive trees for sale from Natura, please call 289 396 106, email [email protected] or visit