Elegant and romantic vineyard wedding dress ideas

The perfect dress for a vineyard wedding

Since the dawn of time, weddings have been an inspiration to poets, historians, scholars and in modern times, fashion and designers and photographers. A perfectly tailored wedding dress is almost every bride’s dream, and if she is planning on having a  she’s surely going to search for some elegant and romantic vineyard wedding dress ideas.

Throughout history, bridal gowns have seen many changes, with white being the most fitting hue for brides, representing a symbol of purity and innocence, idolising romantic love. But things have changed a lot since then. If a couple is having a wedding at the vineyards, and they have no idea where to start looking from, experts provide a helping hand with a plethora of ideas.

The Venue

It is no secret that the venue will mainly set the tone for the whole theme and aesthetic, and that includes the dress. By choosing a vineyard wedding venue, couples may think they are limited to mostly rustic looks. However, experts suggest that that is not true. In fact, when couples are planning a destination wedding in Portugal and intend to host it in a vineyard, they are surprised by so many choices. In essence, most of them choose a venue that gives them the freedom to tailor their day in more ways than one. That is what makes Quinta dos Vales a wonderful choice. The venue features a beautiful blend of elegance, organic rustic flair, contemporary aesthetic, romantic atmosphere and effortless sophistication that allows brides to choose many styles when it comes to their dresses.

By now, you understand that the perfect dress needs the perfect . Thus the ambience of this wedding venues the beauty of any gown with the green of the vineyards, the colourful statues, the blue of the sky, and the bright sunlight that transforms the dress design and photos into something unique. In this wine estate couples get perfect spots to take memorable photographs and images of them wearing their stunning wedding attire.


With such a variety of aesthetic options at the Quinta dos Vales, in Algarve couples can also choose to host their ceremony outdoors or indoors. From rolling hills of vineyards to gardens with contemporary statues, and from beautiful open terraces to indoor places to curate their wedding; matching the style of the gown to the style of the venue will not be a problem.

The choices

Nowadays, things for brides are made incredibly easy. The vineyard wedding dress ideas are plentiful. According to wedding experts, brides often go for more romantic and vintage styles: low cuts, pastels and nudes, gentle keyhole backs, elegant lace, ruffles and low cuts.

Often, it is easy for them to imagine themselves in a perfectly tailored powder-white mermaid dress or an A-line gown, swaying among the vines while the wind is playing with a long and elegant veil. For others, romantic lace gowns are the perfect fit for an outdoor vineyard wedding ceremony. However, bridal designers suggest that winery celebrations can be complemented with almost any style and not surprisingly – colour.


White is no longer a symbol of purity and girlhood, so it’s safe to say that the modern bride today likes a little twist when choosing the perfect design. The palette of colours is as varied and as playful as a child on a playground. Keeping in mind that a vineyard exuberates in greenery, they’ll have to think deeply about which colour goes best with the vine horizons.

Nowadays, a winery wedding dress can be ivory, champagne, pure white, off white, natural white, cream, nude, mocha, peach, blush, powder, lavender, gold, metallic, grey, silver or even mustard shades. It all depends on the bride’s preferences and scenery.


Vineyard wedding dress ideas

According to wedding experts, if a bride chooses a destination that has more sunny days, such as the south of Portugal – Algarve; the winery wedding dress should embody the cheer that the beautiful weather provides, the long breezy nights and the endless fun. If the bride is searching for a look that channels elegance, romance and summer appropriateness, then she should definitely go for an A-line dress with light and airy fabric that would make her feel more comfortable during the heat.

For a black-tie ceremony, strapless gowns and slip dresses that just overflow with elegance will do the job. They are both light weighted and look wonderful, standing out from the most vineyard wedding dress ideas they can find in the magazines.

Whatever style they may go for, brides shouldn’t let the hot weather scare them away from reaching for the wedding gowns of their dreams. Designers nowadays have in mind the warmer temperatures when choosing the materials for summer wedding dresses.

As an influencer designer in the bridal scene, Claire Pettibone has dedicated a Vineyard Dress Collection that can inspire any bride:


A Bordeaux wine is easy to drink, starting off with a light sip and finishing off with memorable elegance. The Bordeaux Gown by Claire Pettibone represents everything the named wine does too. An embodiment of elegance, loveliness and smoothness, perfectly tailored for a winery celebration.


Champagne is without any doubt one of the most popular drinks ever. Champagne gowns are no exception, too. The romantic Champagne Gown by Claire Pettibone consists of a sheer lace plunging bodice with a fitted Chantilly lace skirt. Also, there’s a sheer tulle overlay.  A timeless yet modern romantic design.



Toscana is one of the most famous wine regions in Italy for a reason. If the bride is a fan of romantic weather, lovely scenery and beautiful patterns then this is the right dress for her. A touch of Italy among the long, green, lavish Portuguese vines in the Algarve will definitely look like it’s been cut out from a fairytale. This dress is tailored from ecru scallop pattern lace giving the illusion of a mermaid silhouette with an open V neck back.


From all the vineyard wedding dress ideas this astonishing Saratoga gown made out of Guipure lace is sure to give a bride the most out-of-this-world mermaid silhouette with appliqué look. The detachable chiffon cape streamers and cross back straps are the elegant touch they have always been looking for.


Finishing off with a medium-light Sauvignon. This bold combination of marvellous chicness with tulle sleeves and Guipure lace appliqués and flowing, crepe skirt and long train just take anyone’s breath away. It’s definitely something bold to bring on the big day.

Quinta dos Vales is definitely one of the gems when it comes to choosing the perfect spot that would complement a vineyard wedding. With the rising popularity of wineries as romantic spots to tie the knot, this estate will surely accommodate all the wine lovers, loving couples and exquisite guests, having a dedicated team to tailor their every need. Engaged couples can discover their wedding services here.