Electricity prices to ‘drop 3.5% in January’

Electricity prices for families remaining in the regulated market will be dropping 3.5% in January. The development follows transfer by the government last month of 189 million euros to “reduce the cost of the system”. But what it all means will depend on which company consumers use. For example, last year, tariffs for the regulated market dropped 0.2%, but EDP increase its own prices by 2.5%.

“The drop of 3.5% is only for the regulated market”, stresses tabloid Correio da Manhã. “In the free market it is up to companies to define their own prices even though the tariffs giving them access to the networks, paid by everyone, will be dropping 16.7% for domestic clients”.

Regulating entity ERSE says it is “seeking to minimise costs for the consumer and encourage companies to be more efficient”.