Electricity bills to drop for 690,000 Portuguese families

Around 690,000 financially-strapped Portuguese families are set to benefit from social electricity tariffs next year. That is around 60,000 more families than initially forecast in July, secretary of state for energy Jorge Sanches has revealed – and a full 600,000 more than received the 33.8% discounts during the time of the last government. “When this government took office, 80,000 families benefitted from the social tariff”, he told reporters. “This changed to 180,000 during the first half of the year, and now it is 690,000”.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã explains that the cost of the tariff is borne by suppliers, and comes to “around €70 million a year”.

The government’s diploma which will ‘prolong the 33.8% discount during 2017” should be published this week in State newspaper Diário da República, adds the paper.