Photos of two Porsche Taycan on a highway.

Electric liquidity

Text by José Barros Rodrigues, Centro Porsche Faro Manager

Zygmunt Bauman was a Polish psychologist that made a name for himself by claiming that we now live in a ‘liquid world’, as opposed to the ‘solid world’ that characterised the old society of the 19th century and a large majority of the 20th century. In that society, the social and labour structure was much more stable and predictable from all different points of view, in terms of people’s interactions, families and companies, as well as technology.

For Bauman, society today is a network of connections and disconnections in which relationships can connect and disconnect at the same speed. In other words, the ‘ballast’ of relationships is now easily deconstructed, whereas in the past their inertia was enough to maintain any kind of link.

In the automotive sector, several new trends have contributed to the increase of this ‘liquid aspect’ – on the one hand, the ‘internet of emotions’ characterised by social media, where statements can be made without sustainability in the real world and are just as valid as others which are certified by facts; and, on the other hand, the political paradigm shift in the industry, with the advent of electric motors as an example. The acronym TINA – for There Is No Alternative – popularised by the presence of the ‘troika’ in Portugal, can also be applied to the car industry at the moment, although it is still basically confined to the European Union, the United States and Canada, Japan and Australia. The political pressure is so strong that no compromise is possible. Electric cars should no longer be seen as a solution of the future – they are the solution of the present.

Porsche Taycan, like other electric models from premium brands, has brought an increase of this ‘liquidity’ to the world of cars. But, true to the Porsche universe, its technological aspect places it at the top of the options for vehicles with this type of motorisation, making it a winning bet for the brand that has always been known for being an engineering benchmark. And that’s why the model’s claim is that Taycan is “the Porsche of electric cars”.

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Photo of two Porsche Taycan in front of a country house

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