Eight suspected drug dealers arrested in Olhão

SEVEN MEN and one woman, aged between 18 and 50, were recently arrested by police in Olhão, suspected of drug dealing.

Armed with eight warrants, police undertook a raid on several private homes. Thirty-five policemen were involved in the investigation, supported by a further 50 from the Intervention Corps, in order to guarantee the security of the area while the house raids took place.

More than 100 doses of heroin and 100 euros in cash were seized, as well as numerous items police believe are likely to have been stolen in robberies, such as televisions, computers and videos. As well as these items, police also discovered several fire arms.

A police source has explained that the detainees are suspected of selling drugs directly to addicts in various locations of Olhão, sometimes receiving stolen goods as a form of payment.

The operation was the result of several months of investigation and, according to the PSP, is part of a strategy to combat drug trafficking in the area, which is causing residents to feel unsafe.