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Photo: Craig Manners/Unsplash

Eight Portuguese leave Gaza through Rafah crossing

Eight Portuguese citizens have already left Gaza through the Rafah crossing and are on their way to Cairo, Egypt, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today.

“Eight citizens have already been signalled by the Portuguese authorities to leave Gaza – two nationals and six family members – who are currently on their way to Cairo,” says the statement, which notes that a Palestinian citizen resident in Portugal but currently in Gaza has chosen to remain there.

Efforts are continuing to remove the minor who was authorised to leave, and whose relatives tragically died in Wednesday’s bombing, which has not been possible so far due to communication difficulties with her relatives,” says the ministry.

It also says that the exit “took place through the Rafah crossing, which is open to foreign citizens leaving Gaza for Egypt” and emphasises that “it was a complex operation carried out by the Egyptian authorities, in conjunction with the Israeli authorities, assisted by a Portuguese team that travelled to the border this Friday morning to assist in the evacuation”.

The Portuguese embassies in Cairo and Tel Aviv, as well as Portugal’s diplomatic representation in Ramallah and the Consular Emergency Office in Lisbon “were in permanent contact with these citizens, as well as with the respective local authorities to ensure their safe departure,” says the ministry led by João Gomes Cravinho.

The repatriation of these eight citizens from Egypt will be the responsibility of the Portuguese state, which will ensure their accommodation and transport to Portugal,” the statement adds.

Source: LUSA