Eight artists, one stunning painting of Cascais

Eight artists, one stunning painting of Cascais

Eight artists in Cascais have combined their talents to paint a stunning painting of the inlet at Santa Marta which is being sold in a silent auction to raise money for local charity Cercica.

The charity provides children and youngsters and young adults with learning difficulties with education, social interaction and opportunities for employment, as well as a residential wing for the adults.

The funds raised will go into buying another minibus and improving the charity’s workshop facilities.

The eight artists involved in this project – Monica Vidal-Quadras, Katherine Masters, Oonagh Hodges, Susan Nunes, Marsha Turner Pluhar, Jacqueline Arriaga da Cuna, Lisa Olmstead, and Steve Duroncelet – each painted part of the scene individually and then put it together.

“Each part of the scene has been painted in the individual style of the artist, so this makes it a unique work of art,” said artist Oonagh Hodges.

The painting is currently exhibited at the town’s Galeria de Arte (Art Gallery) at Largo Cidade Vitória, where bids can be presented in person. Bids can also be presented by contacting Ana Sério (ce.galeria@gmail.com), who is in charge of a local art project entitled ‘Arte na Freguesia’ (Art in the Parish). This group of painters meets every week to paint a local scene.

There are also several other paintings by the same artists for sale at the gallery exhibition.