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Egyptian cotton in the Algarve

NESTLED among the calçada side streets of Alvor, Bedspreads Factory Outlet is a small shop with a big business. Owned by Linda and Patrick Hall, Bedspreads Factory Outlet stocks everything you could ever dream of in household textiles. Once you set foot in the shop, you know you will not be disappointed. The walls are adorned with several different sizes of the Bedspreads Factory Outlet’s famous bedspreads and the shelves are overflowing with the highest quality sheets, pillowcases, towels and much more.

The business began 15 years ago, when Linda and Patrick spotted a gap in the Algarvean market for Egyptian cotton bedspreads. Initially, they worked the gypsy markets, travelling from Spain to Sagres, but, after building up a client base, decided to open their first shop in Albufeira, and later relocated to Alvor in order to make the shop accessible from either end of the Algarve.

Some of the products on offer at Bedspreads Factory Outlet include a wide range of different household bedspreads, sheets, towels, curtains, pillows, pillow shams, dressing gowns, mattress protectors, duvets and duvet covers. Linda and Patrick take pride in their personalised service and the fact that their shop is completely unique to the Algarve. They control the production of all their goods and buy in bulk, resulting in a huge amount of stock kept in the shop, which sets them apart from their competitors. For this reason, customers never have a problem finding the perfect textiles for their home.

Portuguese cotton is famous for its exceptional quality, however, in recent years, the European textiles industry has seen a rise in Chinese disposable imports, affecting the production of Portuguese textiles. The majority of Bedspreads Factory Outlet produce is bought in the north of Portugal, which ensures quality materials as well as giving support to the local economy.

In addition to selling 100 per cent cotton products, Bedspreads provide polycotton sheets and duvets in white and cream, in all sizes. These are used fitted and flat and are popular among clients as they do not need ironing.

The couple offer a delivery service for customers in the Algarve and, in the unlikely event of them not having what you need in stock, they will be able to source it for you without any problem.

A large quantity of their business is generated from people buying holiday homes in the Algarve and people in the rental market, who then need to fit out their new home with textiles in a limited time frame. As customers may only be in the Algarve for a few days, the convenience of Bedspreads Factory Outlet provides the perfect solution for them.

Linda also designs her own patterns for the curtains, bedspreads and pillows, so you can match all the items together to make the perfect colour scheme for your house. Offering prices that are a third of the UK retail price, Bedspreads Factory Outlet is an essential trip for anyone who has their own property in the Algarve.

For more information, contact Linda or Patrick on 282 457 510, 964 936 168 or visit