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Egg-ceptional afternoon with Chef Koschina

Michelin starred Chef Dieter Koschina performed a cooking demonstration on the Big Green Egg cooker at the Curiosa indoor and outdoor furniture shop in Almancil on Sunday, September 23.

The Austrian-born chef has achieved a culinary first for Portugal by propelling Vila Joya in Galé, Albufeira, into the world’s 50 best restaurants list.

Many said it was fascinating to watch the spectacular performance. One guest said: “What a treat it was to taste the delicious gourmet food, especially after watching the Chef prepare it right in front of our eyes. It was like sitting at the chef’s table in Vila Joya, but, in actual fact, we were in the Curiosa shop.” Curiosa is the distributor for the Big Green Egg in Portugal.

Chef Koschina said: “The advantage of cooking on the Big Green Egg is the way it enhances the flavours of the food; it’s like a taste explosion.”

He also described how you can achieve the perfect texture and taste by controlling the temperature on the Egg, which is referred to as the ultimate cooking experience.

The cooker has many unique features such as the ability to control the temperature and Chef Koschina regularly uses the Egg in the Vila Joya kitchen.

Ed Fisher, founder of the Egg, says: “The Big Green Egg is today the world’s largest producer and international distributor of the ceramic komodo-styled cooker.

“When you purchase an Egg, rest assured that your investment is protected by a successful company with a reputation for manufacturing quality and world-class customer service, providing Egg owners with the confidence that the company will stand by their best in class products for years to come. New owners are fast to discover whether they are grilling, smoking, baking or roasting. Everything tastes better when cooked in the Big Green Egg.” Ed Fisher is often asked about the origins of the Egg and he says it all began with the discovery of fire.

Early man learned the benefits of cooking meat over heat and later cultures discovered that the results were even better when the fire and food were contained inside a dome-shaped vessel.

The Japanese adopted these clay cooking pots, called “Kamados”, and today’s Big Green Egg is an improved evolution of these ancient cookers.

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