Education minister admitted to hospital ahead of teachers strike and demo in front of parliament

Education minister Tiago Brandão Rodrigues has been admitted to hospital for an “indeterminate period” with acute vestibular syndrome – a condition characterised by extreme dizziness that can lead to vomiting, “gait instability” and rapid involuntary movements of the eyes and head.

His internment precedes the teachers strike scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday November 15) to coincide with a call-to-arms demonstration outside parliament while details of the education budget come under discussion.

Teachers union Fenprof has said it is important to mount “a tremendous strike” even though it comes just three days before another national strike called by workers’ federation of unions, the CGTP.

Last minute talks are thought to be underway between the government and teachers’ unions, though without the presence of Brandão Rodrigues.

News bulletins suggest the minister will remain in hospital for “some days”.

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