Education in the Algarve

For parents and guardians, finding the right school for their child can be a challenging task due to the many different specifications considered throughout this process. This decision may be even more challenging to an international family new to the Algarve.
However, due to the wide selection of national and international schooling options available throughout the region, it is more than likely that there is an option suited for everyone. A number of international schools can be found in the region, teaching in various languages and attended by a large range of nationalities.
International education systems (when based on the British curriculum) allow children to attend throughout the ages of three until 18, with compulsory years taking place between the ages of five and 16. Read our guide to some of the Algarve’s international schools, offering high quality education.
Compulsory education at public schools in Portugal takes place between the ages of six to 18 and is divided into three consecutive divisions of EB1, EB2 and EB3.
Pre-school or Kindergarten (Jardim de Infância) is not a compulsory education level in Portugal, however children may be accepted at these establishments between the ages of three and five.
In state-run schools, parents do not have the worry of fee payments as all basic education is free (but school materials and meals have to be paid for). However, in order for a pupil to enrol at a national school it is required that they reside in the nearby area, or that their parents are employed within close proximity to the school. For further information, please see the Ministry of Education section at