EDP problems in “Barãos”

Dear Editor,

I am writing this missive as an open letter to the residents and businesses of Barão de São João and Barão de São Miguel.

I have been coming to the Algarve at this time of the year since 2004 and whilst I appreciate at that time the infrastructure still left a lot to be desired and the occasional cuts to water and electricity supplies were considered normal, over the last 10 years we, in the two Barãos, and only us, have faced an annual problem with a cessation in electrical supply the minute the first rains of autumn descend.

I am fully aware that this is due to the inefficiency of the pole mounted transformers which are shorted out by a combination of the rain water and the accumulated dust deposits accrued during the summer month. Having had this problem every year over the last decade, there is no way that EDP can be unaware that there will be problems but they have not, in their wisdom, deemed it necessary to take preventative measures.

The inevitable occurred last evening and in total lasted for some 9-10 hours leaving us without water, heating and light. Even as I try to write this e-mail, there have been at least six cuts to the supply and this is my sixth attempt to complete it after having to reboot the computer. 

I am therefore astounded that the people mentioned at the beginning of this e-mail seem merely to have accepted this situation. Why is there no concerted action to confront EDP? After all, in the two villages there must be several people whose wellbeing is prejudiced by the lack of electrical supply and no access to fresh water, not to mention heating and possibly food.

Lord knows how the old people’s home coped. Equally, I am amazed that the various catering establishments apparently have been so sanguine notwithstanding the loss of revenue. It’s not as if there is no recourse e.g. the complaints book, Deco etc. If we all confronted EDP I am sure they would get the message and do away with their third-world transformers.

So please join me in descending on EDP in Portimão and registering your complaint and demand for action.