Editor’s note: Roger Eastoe’s article “EU treatment of non-resident UK homeowners in Portugal”

Editor’s note: Roger Eastoe’s article “EU treatment of non-resident UK homeowners in Portugal”, published in the Algarve Resident edition of March 11, continues to raise interest among our online readers. Here is another selection of comments regarding this subject:

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I’ve read your article about the 90-day rule for Brits who own properties in Portugal (or any other EU countries) and I completely agree with you! They have a right to enjoy their properties, they paid for them, pay council taxes and all other services. They should not be compared to the standard tourist.
I do sincerely hope that ministers (not only in Portugal) will recognise this.
Maria Baptista

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Mr Eastoe is concerned with one thing and one thing only: his own personal position and that of other Brits like him. There is huge fallout from the Brexit decision with both positive and negative impacts all over Europe. 

That does not mean you can start cherry-picking certain situations and try to reverse them out of the Brexit deal just because they don’t suit you.

Many industries will be impacted negatively, and EU economies will have to adjust to both positive and negative impacts of the Brexit decision. However, the decision has been made and EU member states must respect the agreement and new legislation.

The Brits have made their own bed, now they have to lie in it.
Brian Kingston

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We had our home in the Algarve built in the late 80s and have enjoyed coming and going at will for 30 years plus. Despite not voting for Brexit, we lost and feel quite aggrieved that we are bound by the same restraints stay wise as holidaymakers. We pay our house tax, which is calculated as an annual payment happily, but can only enjoy it for six months per year based on a rolling 180-day period, which can be quite complicated.

Please Portugal, make some concessions for us homeowners and, as a very personal point, my husband and I, as a lot of non-resident homeowners I am sure, are in our mid-70s and have limited time to enjoy a country that we very much respect and love.
Norma and Paul Denton

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I have owned my home in Portugal for 27 years. I cannot become a resident as I have property and business implications in the UK. Even my Portuguese solicitor has advised against it.

I also have many friends in the same position and agree with the article – this will surely affect the Portuguese economy and they need to look into changing this.
Gary Plumridge