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Edexcel successes pave the way to university

Following hot on the success in Cambridge International Examinations, Vale Verde International School (VVIS) students have had places confirmed at British universities in the aftermath of the publication of Pearson Advanced Level examinations in Mathematics and Physics for which there was once again 100% pass rate.

For at least two of the students, Thursday’s results do indeed spell the end of an era. The Head Boy and Head Girl of VVIS, Will Mylne and Alice Millward, have spent a large number of years at the Burgau school as active students in their own fields.

The school said in a statement: “Will has not only proved an exemplary student academically, he has also dedicated himself to sport as a very able member of the football team and not least in the area of athletics in which he has proved highly successful in local triathlon events. In addition, he has been involved in drama productions and also organised school social events and other activities through his role on the School Council and as Head Boy.

“Alice, in addition to her unswerving determination to succeed academically, gaining two A*’s and an A in her final exams, has enriched school life through her musical performances as a singer which she combines with her considerable acting skills. Like her male counterpart and also with the invaluable support of Deputies Andre Schoenhardt and Nicola Thomas, Alice has devoted much time to motivating, encouraging and organising her fellow students, in addition to championing local and international charitable concerns.

“To all those members of VVIS having reached their latest milestones, we wish them the best of fortune and success in all their future endeavours.”

Photo: Head Boy and Head Girl, Will Mylne and Alice Millward