Ecstacy levels in Lisbon’s wastewater increase 42.2%

In the space of a year the level of the psychoactive drug ecstacy in Lisbon’s wastewater has increased by 42.2%.

Lisbon now ranks in 9th place on a list of 56 European cities where ecstacy has been identified in what is termed “residual waters”.

Investigators suggest this could be linked to a greater use of the drug, or mean that ecstacy is now in a more pure form.

Another possibility is that tests are not wholly representational.

Lisbon’s were taken at the treatment centre of Alcântara – an area known for its nightlife. In other words, it could be that wastewater generally in the capital contains much lower levels of ecstacy.

The study was undertaken by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

Researchers chose Lisbon, Porto and Almada in Portugal, with Lisbon coming out with the highest readings.

Cocaine was also identified in the capital’s wastewater and its use generally is reported to be up by over 5%.