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EC approves Pingo Doce’s May Day sale

Pingo Doce’s half-price May Day sale did not violate Community regulations, the European Commission confirmed this week.

According to the EC, the supermarket chain did not abuse its dominant position in the market and the 50% sale for expenditure above €100 on most products did not constitute a problem.

Meanwhile, the retail workers union has filed a complaint against Pingo Doce with the National Authority for Work Conditions, claiming the supermarket chain’s workers were victims of “discrimination” because only staff working on May 1 were able to benefit from the offer. Pingo Doce has since sent a statement to the press stating that those employees who worked May Day would be paid 500% of the daily rate.

On May 1, Pingo Doce had consumers frantically heading to the chain’s 350 supermarkets to spend a minimum of €100 worth of shopping in order to benefit from the unprecedented 50% sale.