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EasyJet to assign seat numbers

The low-cost airliner easyJet is now set to begin allocating seat numbers on all of its flights, with the option for passengers to pay extra for this reservation service if they want to choose their seat numbers.

For those choosing this option when booking their flight, it will cost €15 for those wishing to sit in the front row or exit rows (which provide extra leg room), €10 for seats closer to the front of the plane (rows two to six) or €4 for the reservation of any other seat on the plane.

Those passengers booked on an easyJet flight with a more expensive ticket, will receive assigned seating included in their flight price.

Passengers who do not opt for any of the above options will simply be allocated a seat at check-in.

easyJet claims that it will now ensure that all travellers booked using the same reservation listing will be “seated together when possible.”

Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive at easyJet said: “The current boarding process can be a source of stress for some passengers and in some cases, puts people off flying with easyJet altogether, which is what we want to avoid. We feel confident that because of this change, passengers will now feel more confident and happy to fly with easyJet in the future,” she added.