easyJet records 20% increase in passenger numbers in Algarve

For the first time, British low-cost airline easyJet has transported over 1.5 million passengers to and from Faro Airport. “It’s a 20% increase compared to last year,” José Lopes, head of easyJet in Portugal, told Barlavento newspaper.
The data refers to the company’s latest fiscal year, which came to an end in September.

“It’s a milestone that rewards all the work we have been carrying out to promote Portugal, and especially the Algarve which has been very well received by our passengers,” he said.

As Lopes explained, easyJet currently operates 17 routes in Faro. It launched two new air links this year (Nice and Lille) to “diversify and take advantage” of the multitudes of tourists who are avoiding areas like the North of Africa or the Middle East.

The airline representative also spoke about the surge of French holidaymakers to the region, which prompted easyJet into launching the two new routes.

“This is something that will continue and is expected to intensify in the coming years,” he said.

Lopes also offered some predictions, saying that the airline expects to grow 10% this winter.

“It’s a sign that easyJet believes in the Algarve as a year-round destination.”

Lopes also praised the new terminal building at Faro Airport, saying that it was long overdue.

He also feels the Brexit won’t stop British tourists from choosing the Algarve for their holidays.

“The (negative) impact that it could have had has already happened – the devaluation of the pound.

“There is one thing that Brexit will never change – the climate in the UK. It is going to keep raining, and people are going to continue looking for sunny places to go.”