EasyJet now flying 51 routes in and out of Portugal

As of yesterday, July 1, easyJet is back in the Portuguese skies, flying 51 routes in and out of national territory.

This represents an uptake of around 80% of ‘normal’ business and sees ⅔ of the company’s staff returning from lay-off.

Four national airports (Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Funchal in Madeira) have are running routes connecting with France, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Italy.

Said José Lopes, the airline’s director-general for Portugal: “We couldn’t be more satisfied… “

Schedules “mean clients can still reach their chosen destination for summer holidays this year” – and more importantly perhaps, they will allow “Portugal to know the world and allow Portuguese to fly in safety at accessible prices”.

“This launch is being done in uncertain times”, he added – saying the airline will “continue to monitor the evolution of demand and the diverse market restrictions” so that it can “gradually adjust its offer” of routes.

As has been explained in the past, all flights these days involve strict safety precautions, the wearing of masks throughout and increased measures of hygiene.

All easyJet planes are fitted with “the most advanced air filter technology” capable of ‘capturing 99.7% of contaminants transported through the air, like viruses and bacterias’.

Explains the airline, these HEPA filters are the same as those used in hospitals, and through them the air in cabins is constantly filtered and substituted with ‘fresh air’ every three-four minutes.