EasyJet flight from Liverpool to Faro diverted to Manchester due to “technical fault”

An EasyJet plane flying from Liverpool to Faro was diverted to Manchester this morning (June 2) just minutes after take-off due to a “technical fault”.

The plane departed from Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport at 9.35am but shortly after was forced to circle over Merseyside as the crew of flight EZY7193 completed checks to figure out what was wrong.

They then decided to land at Manchester as the runaway is longer.

It was reported online that the Airbus A320, which was due to land in Faro at 12:25pm, had technical issues with its landing gear and suffered a hydraulic leak, but the airline told the UK’s Daily Mail that the “landing gear was left down deliberately in preparation for the unscheduled landing”.

The source did not explain, however, what was the cause of the “technical fault”.

The plane was checked by an engineer in Manchester and took off again towards Faro at 13.24pm, arriving in the Algarve at 4.10pm, according to EasyJet’s website.

A video of the plane circling frighteningly close to the ground has been uploaded to YouTube (click here)

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