EasyJet days away from taking up 18 new daily slots at Lisbon Airport

… and introducing various new European routes

EasyJet will be moving its operation to Terminal 1 at Lisbon airport, from October 30, after having been awarded 18 new daily slots at the infrastructure, the company has said in a statement. 

The development is seen as “strengthening” the airline company’s role “as the number 2 airline in the Portuguese capital” – and enabling “greater comfort” and an (even) easier “and better” travel experience for all passengers.

October 30 will also see easyJet flying to new destinations, such as Barcelona, Toulouse, Zurich and Milan Bergamo.

“The strengthening of easyJet’s position at Lisbon airport with the move to Terminal 1, as well as the increasing expansion of its network, mark the beginning of what will be the busiest winter season in the company’s history in Portugal, with 4.8 million seats available, a 51% increase over the pre-pandemic period,” says the company.

“This opportunity, coupled with our recent expansion of operations in the Portuguese capital, provides a better travel experience, especially for passengers travelling on business and therefore moving more frequently between European cities,” adds easyJet’s Portugal manager José Lopes.

The European Commission allocated 18 of TAP’s daily slots at the airport to easyJet – a requirement for the approval of the government’s €2.55 billion restructuring plan for TAP. EasyJet came in first place ahead of the other bidder in the ‘race’, Ryanair.

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