Easy online voting system for British expats

The UK’s Cabinet Office is working on a registration system to enable British expats to register to vote online.

John Waterworth of the Government Digital Service explained: “This will be more convenient, simpler and quicker. It’s also about us having a better identification process to improve the quality of our register.”

The new process is expected to substitute the current method, which entails Britons overseas who wish to vote in UK elections, to fill in a registration form and post it to their local electoral office back home.

British expats can vote in general parliamentary elections and European parliamentary elections up to 15 years after they have left the country. The fact that they lose the vote after this has proved controversial, but Waterworth affirmed: “The qualification we have as to who can and cannot vote is not changing.” He went on to reveal that there will be a pilot scheme to try out on expat volunteers visiting the UK on December 17, in London. Anyone interested should sign up for it.  kelley@bunnyfoot.com