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Every successful business experiences change over time, and evolves to meet the needs of its clientele. The past two years especially, have tested even the best of businesses, but we are very proud to say that at Centro de Línguas in Lagos we have risen to the challenge. Whilst our lives have been thrown out of kilter by the pandemic, many people have no desire to return to pre-pandemic ways of working and studying.

More and more of our existing and new students are choosing to study with us in our online group lessons. These have proven to be extremely popular because of the obvious advantages that remote learning can bring. Many of our students start, intending to do a beginner’s course to help them deal with everyday situations, then find themselves hooked on learning Portuguese. This has led to greater demand for more advanced group lessons online.

We have also noticed an increase in requests for lessons to prepare for the A2 CIPLE exam, for those who want to apply for Portuguese citizenship. We have several Portuguese teachers who have the necessary experience to guide our learners through the language and familiarise them with the exam process. Happily, we have had considerable success in this area.

For students who prefer to study one-to-one, we also offer private lessons delivered in person or, obviously, online if preferred. This gives our private students flexibility. It can also be more economical as we offer two for the price of one on our private lessons.

We not only offer courses for Portuguese but also English, French, German and Spanish.

So, why not dust off your dictionary and come and join us? Just pop in to see us or phone for a chat!

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