Easter weekend promises bookings bonanza in Algarve

“Let’s not mess it up with further hold ups at Faro airport”, plead hoteliers

With three weeks left to go until Easter, and hotel bookings already reaching 90%, hoteliers have warned “the Algarve cannot afford any more shameful scenes at Faro airport!

Last Friday’s chaotic hold-ups – reportedly causing some tourists to decide to take a return flight straight home – were caused by the one-day public sector workers strike.

Photo taken from Facebook (Julie Littlewood)

Thousands of people found themselves packed like sardines in stifling temperatures trying to get through passport control, with no access to water for up to four hours.

Video footage and photos accompanied complaints over social media while various online newspapers published stories, like “Brits drop like flies in mammoth four hour airport queues and threaten to riot”.

AHETA, the association of Algarve hoteliers, warns this cannot be allowed to happen again. 

There are 18 new routes into Faro this summer; the airport must be prepared to receive them professionally, says AHETA president Hélder Martins.

2023’s season so far is looking like it could be the best yet. “Practically all Algarve hotels will be open”, says SIC television news today – and the hiring of staff “has begun early to ensure there will be enough people to attend the flood that is expected”.

Traditionally, a good Easter, means an even better summer”, says the station. But if visitors’ first experiences are ruined at passport control it will take the shine off what should be a brilliant summer. 

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