Easter road deaths rise

A serious road traffic accident, which occurred in the Algarve over the Easter break, has left one person dead and three people with minor injuries. The accident happened after a collision between two cars at 10pm last Saturday, on the IC1, near the Tunes crossing. The dead man, Anastácio Canelas Francisco, 23, was driving along the Lisbon to Algarve route when he veered into the opposite lane and collided with a Mazda, in which a couple, both aged 35, and a five-year-old child were travelling. The child sustained a broken arm in the accident. The injured family received assistance at Barlavento Hospital and then at Beja Health Centre, near their home in Pereira.

The accident caused some disruption to traffic owing to the amount of twisted metal on the scene and it took the bombeiros more time than usual to free the corpse from the wreckage. Nationwide, there were fewer accidents than Easter last year, but a higher number of fatalities. Between midnight on Thursday and midnight on Sunday, the Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) reported 1,429 accidents, 20 deaths, 56 serious injuries and 525 minor injuries.