Earthquake safety tips

THERE ARE ways to minimise the possible risks of an earthquake before it occurs as well as avoiding injury during and after the event.

Within the home, corridors and stairs should be kept free from clutter and toys as much as possible, while shelves, book cases and gas bottles should be fixed to the walls to prevent them falling during an earthquake.

A torch, battery powered radio and extra batteries, as well as a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, reserves of bottled water and tinned food can be kept at home.

Speak to family members about what to do in the event of an earthquake.

Do not panic during the event; try to remain calm and calm those around you.

If inside a building, do not go outside, do not use lifts and stay away from windows, mirrors and chimneys as these may shatter or become unstable.

Protect yourself by standing in a doorway, in the corner of a room or lying under a table or sturdy bed.

If caught outside during an earthquake, stay away from old or high buildings, walls and electricity pylons during the event.

In the event of an earthquake while driving, stop the car as soon as possible away from buildings, walls, tunnels and electricity pylons and remain inside until the tremors stop.

After the tremors evacuate buildings calmly without using lifts and protect your head as much as possible from objects that may fall.

Be aware that aftershocks may happen after the first main tremor.

Do not smoke, light candles or switch on the electricity if it has gone off as there may be gas leaks, instead, use an electric torch.

Switch on a radio and follow the emergency instructions issued.

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