Stock photo of a piglet - no relation to missing piglets in Vila Verde

€500 reward for 32 stolen piglets of “elevated genetic value” 

Piglets have been specially bred to have “high fat infiltration”

A young ‘celebrity’ chef has issued a €500 reward for information leading to the recovery of 32 ‘carefully-bred’ piglets, stolen over the weekend from an agricultural facility in Vila Verde.

Chef Lucas Fernandes – known for his participation in the Hell’s Kitchen Portugal television series – has been breeding these piglets for the last three years.

“They are not common piglets”, he told his local paper O VilaVerdense. “They may be to whoever stole them, but for me, they are the results of a very important experiment…”

Fernandes has purportedly succeeded in creating pigs/ piglets with a “high infiltration of fat” – presumably meaning their meat is particularly succulent and delicious.

The GNR is already on this case, and trying to trace the piglets before anything further happens to them.

They were stolen in the early hours of Sunday, from Quinta do Reguengo – described as a ‘top’ agricultural exploration for experimental breeding.

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