€50 million available in discounts to power low-season tourism

Discounts of up to €50 million have been put in motion for multiple sectors within the tourism industry.

Part of the government’s new measures announced yesterday to help bolster the industry through the ravages of the pandemic, the discounts are already being listed online as part of a new campaign run by Turismo de Portugal.

Explains Dinheiro Vivo, there are ‘hundreds of touristic and gastronomic experiences’ to choose from all under the slogan: #TuPodes – Visita Muito Por Pouco (You can visit a lot for a little). The campaign will be running until December 15, offering:

● Explore Portugal – essentially touristic/ gastronomic options, including adventure, nature, culture and wine tourism

● Click2Portugal, Bookin Xisto and Solares de Portugal – all involving accommodation in various landmark locations

● Museums and National Monuments . packages include rail travel.

For now the website is missing the offers on accommodation (click here) but Turismo de Portugal stresses these will be published ‘very soon’.

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