€4 million to be invested in firefighting in Algarve

Algarve firefighters are set to receive eight new tactical command vehicles, the Algarve Câmaras Association AMAL revealed this week.

This is to be the first phase of a regional campaign worth €4 million towards improving fire fighting facilities and equipment for the 17 departments across the region.

Delivery of the new vehicles will take place at a ceremony at the Figuras leisure park in Faro on December 19.

In total, the project will see 17 tactical command vehicles worth €666,000, a rescue and tactical assistance vehicle (€200,000), nine vehicles to combat forest fires (€1.5 million) and three vehicles for urban fire fighting (€700,000) distributed across the Algarve departments.

Further protective and support equipment will also be purchased, including helmets, breathing apparatus, radios and generators in an investment of over €270,000.

Funding for the project was financed by PO Algarve 21, which is responsible for the Algarve regional strategic commissioning, with 60% of the capital raised from the European Regional Development Fund.

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