€300,000 Valentine heist holds 12-year-old hostage in Estoril

A 12-year-old boy spent Valentine’s evening in terror as a thieves broke into his parents’ home in Estoril when the pair went out for a romantic evening.

The alarm was ‘disconnected’ due to the fact that the child was ‘home alone’, and it appears the thieves expected him to be out, too.

Says a report today in Correio da Manhã, the member of the group that found the boy was not wearing any kind of mask, or carrying a weapon.

He locked the child into a bedroom as elsewhere the raid concentrated on the family’s safe – believed to have contained jewellery and valuables to the tune of at least €300,000.

The theft was only called into police when the boy’s parents returned from their ‘romantic evening’ to find their son locked in a bedroom.

It is not even certain how long the raid took nor when it began, says CM. Police are not even sure how the thieves gained entry.

Detectives are working on the theory that the family was being ‘watched’ and that the thieves had been studying their routines.

The house in Rua da Angola is in one of the smartest areas of the up-market suburb – best known for its casino and history as a refuge for exiled royalty and spies.

The only ‘good side’ to this story is that the little boy was not hurt and despite being “very frightened” did not need any medical treatment, adds CM.

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