€2 million to improve sanitation in rural areas

Vila Real de Santo António will be expanding basic sanitation in the rural areas of Vila Nova de Cacela in an investment of around €2 million by the municipal authority to benefit more than 1,000 people, mainly elderly.

A recent press release informed that the project has already started and is expected to see its conclusion in February 2014. As a result, the residual waters of Caliço, Fonte Santa, Beco, Corujeira, Pedra Alva, Coutada, Cruz do Morto, Bornacha and Terra dos Frades will be directed to VRSA’s wastewater treatment plant (ETAR).

Mayor Luís Gomes said: “This investment will allow every parish in Vila Nova de Cacela to have access to basic sanitation, therefore improving the quality of life of hundreds of families.”

The municipality’s roads will also be the subject of improvement works, with plans to repave “dozens of kilometres of road” expected to be implemented once the sanitation project is concluded, said the Mayor.