humanitarian aid for Gaza

€10 million in humanitarian aid for Gaza 

Portugal will contribute €10 million to humanitarian aid for the Gaza Strip, the secretary of state for foreign affairs and cooperation, Francisco André, said today in Paris, where he was taking part in the Humanitarian Conference for the Civilian Population of Gaza, organised by the French president, Emmanuel Macron. The conference was organised with the aim of “ensuring respect for international humanitarian law, the protection of civilians and humanitarian workers, as well as widening access to humanitarian aid and strengthening the international humanitarian response in the areas of health, water, energy and food,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in the statement. At the conference, Francisco André also reiterated “Portugal’s commitment to the two-State solution and full respect for international humanitarian law – emphasising the imperative need for an urgent and robust humanitarian response to the situation in Gaza, which has been deteriorating daily, in order to alleviate the suffering of all civilians.”