€1.8 million to breathe new life into Faro parks

Alameda João de Deus and Mata do Liceu, two of Faro’s largest parks, are soon to be renovated. The local council has announced it has €1.8 million set aside to move forward with the works.

The construction contract for the Alameda João de Deus revamp was signed this week. Costing nearly €737,000, the works are due to begin “at any moment”, says the local council, and will last 270 days.

“The renovation of Faro’s largest and oldest public green space, built at the end of the 19th century, aims to improve the pavement and walking paths, replace or replant trees that have died or are in poor state, improve public lighting, build new restrooms and public service areas and install urban furniture that is more resistant and aesthetically appealing,” the council says.

The park’s playground, outdoor gym and skating ring are also due to undergo improvements.

Meanwhile, the €1.049 million facelift planned for Mata do Liceu is still awaiting approval from the Court of Auditors.

“With these important investments for the town, which total around €1.8 million, the people of Faro and its visitors will have two green spaces of excellence at their disposal,” the council adds.

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