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E-SSENTIALS arrive in Portugal

E-SSENTIALS ONLINE Shopping Service has arrived in Portugal. The service offers an extensive range of quality food, drink and outdoor living products for sale, delivered to your door within one week.

E-SSENTIALS deliver to any European country within one week and are able to offer worldwide deliveries within two weeks or less.

What’s more, E-SSENTIALS is a legal service complying with European Legislation and a company with an impeccable track record.

E-SSENTIALS also supply an extensive range of chilled and frozen foods, meat, fish, poultry, game and cheese with a fabulous range of desserts and puddings to your door.

These too are from top quality producers in E=ngland, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Belgium and many other well-known European countries noted for their quality produce.

E-SSENTIALS is part of the E-ZY Group of companies and is the brain child of two of their directors – Michelle Hill and her brother Mark Newbigging.

Michelle and Mark are great-great-grand children of the well-known Scottish grocer, William Low, a traditional grocer and purveyor of fine foods and have been involved with world class businesses from an early age.

The web site, www.e-ssentials.biz immediately indicates the high level of professionalism that this company has to offer along with the extensive product range.

The site took a considerable time to set up and develop. It then took several months to fine tune the range of products and to ensure that the detail required, for the discerning client, was all in place.

Customers are able to pay online, in a variety of currencies, through a secure link operated by WorldPay and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

E-SSENTIALS is backed by some of the biggest names in the food manufacturing and processing industry within Europe and the E-ZY Group also supply to catering establishments, cafés and hotels on a daily basis throughout the world.

The E-ZY Group corporate web site and its holding companies can be seen at www.ezygroup.eu.com.