DVD about animal shelters in need of funding

A documentary hoping to raise awareness about the growing number of abandoned and homeless dogs in shelters throughout the Algarve is in need of sponsorship.

Eric Jasper and his team from One Take, the production company he founded in 2000, will be travelling throughout the Algarve visiting dog shelters and interviewing the owners.

Eric Jasper told the Algarve Resident: “Sponsorship and endorsements will ensure that the DVD sends a professional and powerful message as well as providing essential funding in order to complete the project.”


The educational DVD is aimed at young people and will be distributed in schools across the Algarve.

“The conclusion I have drawn from my research is that the overriding cause of this problem is the lack of awareness, particularly in young people, of the responsibilities of caring for animals. Therefore, I feel it is vital to look to the young generation,” he said.

“The educational DVD documentary will be a vital tool to address this issue and raise young people’s awareness, as well as support for the numerous campaigns organised by animal protection societies and different kennels when visiting schools.”

The cost of the production has amounted to a lot more than expected and for the DVD to take place therefore extra funding is needed.

“When I first came up with the idea I planned for the project to be finished in six weeks but now I understand it will take a lot more time.

If you would like to get involved with the production or become a sponsor of the documentary, please contact Eric on 926 029 644.

For information about One Take, please visit www.onetake.tv  which is available in English.