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Duty free allowances

NEW DUTY free allowances into the European Union came into force on Monday.  The new rules replace previous legislations that had been in place since 1969.

The new rules mean that the amount of money a traveller can take with them on a journey has increased from 175 euros to 430 euros. 

The limit for wine has increased from two to four litres.  One litre of alcohol above 22 per cent volume is permitted or two litres of alcohol under 22 per cent volume, this does not include the beer and wine allowance.

Limits on perfume, eau de toilette, coffee and tea have been abolished and will come under the monetary value now while a limit for beer has been introduced at 16 litres.

Member states have been given the opportunity to impose their own limits on cigarettes.

Currently you are able to bring in 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco without taxation, the new levels will be decided by each country and could be as low as 40 cigarettes and 50 grams of tobacco.

Taxation and Customs Union Commissioner, László Kováacs said: “New thresholds in duty-free travellers allowance is good news for European travellers and will avoid administrative costs currently involved in collecting small amounts of import duties and taxes.”