Dutchman found dead in suspected murder in Vila do Bispo

Police are investigating a possible homicide after the body of a Dutchman in his 60s was found at his home in Sítio do Barranco Novo, Vila do Bispo this Thursday morning (May 21) at around 11am.

Reports TVI24, the man is believed to have been attacked as he appeared to have suffered injuries to his head. His body, which was found in bed, was already decomposing and it is believed the man had been dead “for at least 24 hours”.

The house was also seemingly broken into, with multiple pieces of glass found inside.

The man had last been seen by friends at a party last weekend, TVI24 adds. The friends reportedly became worried that he had not been in contact since and alerted GNR police who found the man’s body this morning.

The investigation is now in the hands of PJ criminal police who, according to the news channel, believe there is “strong evidence” that the man was murdered.

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