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Dutch School opens in new premises

A new collaboration sees the Dutch International School Algarve (NISA) sharing premises with the German School, near Lagoa.

On September 5, the Dutch International School Algarve (NISA) began the new school year and welcomed its first nine students.

The school is open for all native-speaking Dutch children from five to 18 years old, with the ‘Dolphin’ class providing a Dutch curriculum for primary students, whilst NISA provides education at secondary level.

This initiative was conceived by a group of parents whose aim is to raise the level of the curriculum for Dutch students.

Head teacher Wieteke Abram said: “A key criteria is for quality to be evident throughout the primary process – both in teaching and organisation. To this end, we look at both students and teachers. We want students to feel completely at home at this school – it should be a safe haven which allows them to be themselves, to work in their own way, at their own pace, in order to maximise their potential.

“On the teaching side, well-trained teachers need to be able to work in a professional manner with high-standard facilities. Together, this creates an environment where students and teachers can develop and are challenged to bear responsibilities.”    

An alliance has now been formed which will allow the opportunity to flourish. The German School was receptive to the Dutch vision and responded positively to a partnership proposal whereby it will now share its premises and facilities.

Wieteke Abram said: “The German School has been open-minded on this collaboration from the very start, and is supporting us on every level, from the educational team to the management team and all supporting facilities. We are confident that the Dutch School has a secure and bright future.”

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